Our Support works in three parts. Our first option is the three step program for getting support ASAP via remote desktop, this service is charged at £30 per hour and you will get support as soon as the call is made. To use this service please follow the three step program below.

Ghost Enterprises also offer our standard IT support solutions. We offer a pay as you go service which is charged at 30 minute increments or a monthly program. These are both cheaper then the three step program but can be used for long term IT solutions. This consists of calling us, talking through the services you need and quoting for the level of service required. To use this service please head over to the Contact Us section of this website.

We also offer a home user package, designed to be friendly and cost effective towards our home users.

Please contact us via the Contact Us section to get more information.

Two Step Program

Step 1:

Call Us on: 07983 012 603 

Step 2:

Click here and enter the given password to access our remote desktop app.